Perfect Day and ADM partner to produce cow free milk proteins

Perfect Day have partnered with Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) to scale up Perfect Day's fermentation process to make cow free milk proteins, specifically whey. According to Nosh "The company originally planned to produce its own line of branded CPG products; however, earlier this year the leadership team decided to pivot to producing the ingredients that could power other brands’ products." This may disappoint some, but it makes long term sense in order to drive the technology and rapidly lower production costs. ADM's contribution is it's production infrastructure and knowledge of fermentation processes.

The advantage of Perfect Day's process is that it produces casein and whey proteins that are molecularly identical to those proteins in cows milk. This is achieved by inserting modified cow DNA into yeast using a biotech 3D printer. The yeast then produce whey and casein during fermentation. After fermentation the yeast are filtered out and the dairy proteins recovered.

 See here for more info.

Olivia Fox