New Age Meats crack part of the clean meat code!

Indie Bio Demo Day 7 was held on the 6th November and the most exciting news for fans of clean meat is that New Age Meats have now:

  1. Removed Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) from the stem and fat cell nutrient medium. (Muscle cell FBS free medium to come soon!)

  2. Can achieve 10x the cell density compared to the industry standard.

  3. Will be cost competitive with conventional meat in a few years.

Fantastic work Brian Spears and Andra Necula.

That certainly puts them up there with the best and is great for the future of clean meat.

It just remains to be seen when their product goes to market. I hope they had investors lining up after the event, they should have been!

See the video here, the presentation itself starts at 24:37

Olivia Fox