Silver Sponsor, Improved Nature, is catering the luncheon on January 16th!

Chef Keith Darling will be there to share with you this delicious luncheon menu on the 16th:

  • Improved Nature® Poppers in Vegan, Gluten-Free Tikka Masala Sauce

  • Improved Nature® Baked Breaded Tenders with Mint Chutney Dipping Sauce

  • Improved Nature® Jerky Bites

Ready to cook, ready to eat, Improved Nature’s unique products are non-GMO, free of artificial ingredients, clean-label and 100% plant-based.

Ready to heat products are made for retail and store brands, and food service suppliers selling in the Refrigerated and frozen distribution channels. These pre-seasoned and/or coated products have an amazing texture and flavor. Your customers will enjoy Chicken-free Stir-fry, BBQ Boneless Pork-free Riblets and everyone’s favorite chicken-free nuggets, strips and filets.

Ready to cook products are tailored for major food processors and can be included in your own prepared meals. While a direct replacement for chicken, pork and beef, the texture, flavor and appearance are crowd-pleasers.

Come and taste the Alternative Protein produscts shaping the future of Food!

Olivia Fox