We make change happen with our roundtables

This is the secret sauce. The reason why our SF event was so successful.

If you’ve read what makes KET different, you’ll be aware of our philosophy of sharing stories, and inspiring others. We follow a 80/20 content format with no panels. We get industry leaders from all over the world, and bring them to you.

This creates a youthful experience. We don’t want to drain you. We do however, want to feed you. And we want you to leave, inspired to feed the world sustainably.

Our roundtables have different themes, each surrounding a new idea or initiative. We have specialists lead each of the discussion, but everyone participates. What ends up happening is a bunch of enthusiastic people, who might not have ever crossed paths, start brainstorming ideas on how to make the world a better place. You develop strong connects, but most of all you come up with an execution.

People don’t exit our conferences with big talk. They enter the world with big walk (action). So if you’re excited about change, and want to be paired with some of the brightest people in the food, circular economy & sustainability industry, you must come by.

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