Carl's Jr serves the Beyond Burger!

For alternative proteins to make a significant impact they need to get mainstream exposure and sales. Carl's Jr are a major meat-centric hamburger chain and are using the plant based Beyond Meat Burger as the basis for a major promo product. With over 1,000 restaurants selling the product this is another major move into mainstream exposure and acceptability for alternative proteins.

Some one third of consumers "identify as flexitarians", who happily eat both plant based and animal based products. With this in mind some of the most meat-centric QSRs, hamburger chains, are joining the plant based party!

They're targeting mainstream consumers as the standard product is far from vegan and is truly a flexitarian product. This is an important point as this targets mainstream consumers looking for conventional meat alternatives. They're not "preaching to the converted" and targeting only vegans and vegetarians so are actively expanding the market for plant based products.

Added to the expansion of Impossible Foods burger into White Castle as well as several other chains product awareness is expanding.

Once cell based products hit the market in the next few years there'll be some serious competition to conventional meat on multiple fronts.

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Olivia Fox