Gold and Greens high flying Oat based meat!

Gold and Green is a sponsor of the Alternative Protein Show and you can taste their delicious oat-based meat at the show.

This is the start of their story…………

It all started with a high-flying idea. Maija Itkonen sat on a plane. Below was the Atlantic ocean, and in front of her was a future as an oat-pioneer, that would start a food revolution and overthrow people's perception of plant-based meals. Of course, she didn't know that yet. Just then, she was a designer, reading a copy of the New York Times. And that's where she saw the article that was going to make it all happen. Headline: "Fake meats, finally, taste like chicken. "There was a slight turbulence in Maija's head. As a vegetarian since forever, she never understood the idea of faking meat. Sure, it's admirable that food companies strive to make better plant-based protein. The planet is on its knees, largely because of the meat industry's emissions and reckless hunt for new farmlands. Food-related deceases are becoming epidemic and the animals don't feel too good either. Indeed, every meal we eat shapes the world we live in. But the quality of the basic plant protein products Maija had tried were just bland. And if tasting like chicken was the peak of ambitions, well, the hill wasn't exactly Mount Everest. Besides, why use ingredients that have to be shipped across the globe? And that's when the idea popped up in her head: Oat meat. Plant protein that doesn’t mimic anything, but stands on its own. Something clean and pure that has a short & sweet ingredient list.

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Olivia Fox