The Impossible Burger just got more Impossible!

The verdict on the V2.0 burger from Impossible Foods ......................."If the current burger tastes like an OK Sizzler steak, then this new version is a well-massaged Kobe ribeye." Congrats Celeste Holz-Schietinger and all the team at Impossible!

As Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown says "Unlike the cow, we get better at making meat every single day…. We have figured out an entirely new approach to making meat that gives us the ability to deliberately control and make improvements in flavor, texture, juiciness, appearance, cooking properties, shelf life, handling, cost of production, nutrition -- you name it."

Furthermore their “ground beef” will be in grocery stores by the end of the year. As for price “cost will be about the same as USDA premium ground beef Brown said.”

Now that’s a game changer!

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Olivia Fox